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Starting from the 2023 harvest Riso Intrepido have launched a traceability and transparency project through the development of the Blockchain applied to rice cultivation.

In collaboration with Italian Trade Agency (ITA) theTracking in Blockchain allows:

  • to communicate the history of the products in a simple and direct way
  • to increase the confidence of the final consumer
  • to fight counterfeiting and Italian sounding
  • to inform about the sustainability of the company and its products

The blockchain in fact allows to record all the phases of rice production, from sowing to harvesting and distribution, with the aim of ensuring greater transparency, sustainability and trust among all the actors involved in the supply chain in order to improve the satisfaction of the final consumer.
Thanks to the Blockchain, it is possible to trace the path of each batch of rice, from its origin to distribution. This is particularly useful to verify the authenticity of rice, to follow the cultivation in field, to ensure food safety and protect Made in Italy.


For Riso Intrepido we adhere to integrated production measures or that production system agri-food industry that uses all methods and means of production and defense against the adversities of agricultural production, aimed at reducing the use of chemicals of synthesis and to rationalize fertilization, in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles as winter crops (triticale, wheat, clover etc …) for green manure and submersion winter of the plots.

Agri-environmental measures are designed to ensure best environmental and climate practices within the framework of rural development. They aim to restore, preserve and improve ecosystems; promote resource efficiency; and move towards a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy.

It is important to ensure that the types of interventions put in place support specific needs national, regional and local and, in some cases, may rely on those funded in ecosystems.

Cascina Raffaella has recently obtained the SQNPI certification – National Quality System of Integrated Production that is a voluntary production system which makes the consumer sure that the products are grown with techniques respectful of the environment and the human health. The SQNPI trademark identifies agricultural and agro-industrial products whose production methods comply with the technical standard of integrated production.”

For more information, please write to: OsservatorioSQNPI@politicheagricole.it

The name Intrepido naturally represents all the values that embody the cultivation of rice: courageous, fearless and overcoming any obstacle.
The cultivation process has a taste of challenge, as farmers do not stop and have never stopped.
Born in one of the hardest moments of the last century, we felt that a new project would give enthusiasm and new life to our work. A symbol of family unit in a vital moment of generational transition.

it was 1942

The farm was founded in the Forties by Gaudenzio Brustia together with his brother Antonio. He took over about 60 hectares located in the little village of Castellazzo Novarese.

They were both experienced men because they, as tenants, had been cultivating 200 hectares for years close to the Castle of the village. Gaudenzio and Antonio began there activity innovating and quickly replacing the manual and animal force (horses) with more advanced equipment.

In addition to the innovation of the machinery, Gaudenzio, as Vice President of the Ente Nazionale Risi, was constantly updated on the varieties of rice that can be cultivated by making several trips abroad (Brazil, Spain, Suriname, just to name a few).

Riso Intrepido - 1942 la storia


Starting from 1990 the second generation began to take over Cascina Raffaella. Giovanni Brustia (Gaudenzio’s eldest son) who worked as a manager in a multinational company in Milan began to devote himself also to the cultivation of the whole Cascina Raffaella, reorganizing machinery and workforce and acquiring new fields.
Riso Intrepido - 1990 la storia


Cascina Raffaella presents itself as a reality composed of two farms with a cultivable area of about 90 hectares.

His daughter Ilaria has begun to support her father in managing the activities and in planning new possible investments and together with her brother Andrea and her mother Marina has decided to start offering the rice they love most which is the symbol of their family Sunday lunches. They hope to add new varieties to Baldo Intrepido in the future.

Riso Intrepido: La nostra storia
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