Blockchain - Traceability - Riso Intrepido


Starting from the 2023 harvest Riso Intrepido have launched a traceability and transparency project through the development of the Blockchain applied to rice cultivation.

In collaboration with Italian Trade Agency (ITA) theTracking in Blockchain allows:

• to communicate the history of the products in a simple and direct way
• to increase the confidence of the final consumer
• to fight counterfeiting and Italian sounding
• to inform about the sustainability of the company and its products

The blockchain in fact allows to record all the phases of rice production, from sowing to harvesting and distribution, with the aim of ensuring greater transparency, sustainability and trust among all the actors involved in the supply chain in order to improve the satisfaction of the final consumer.
Thanks to the Blockchain, it is possible to trace the path of each batch of rice, from its origin to distribution. This is particularly useful to verify the authenticity of rice, to follow the cultivation in field, to ensure food safety and protect Made in Italy.

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