Sustainable Rice Cultivation - Riso Intrepido

La nostra coltivazione sostenibile del riso italiano: un impegno per la qualità e l'ambiente


For Riso Intrepido we adhere to integrated production measures or that production system agri-food industry that uses all methods and means of production and defense against the adversities of agricultural production, aimed at reducing the use of chemicals of synthesis and to rationalize fertilization, in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles as winter crops (triticale, wheat, clover etc …) for green manure and submersion winter of the plots.

Agri-environmental measures are designed to ensure best environmental and climate practices within the framework of rural development. They aim to restore, preserve and improve ecosystems; promote resource efficiency; and move towards a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy.

It is important to ensure that the types of interventions put in place support specific needs national, regional and local and, in some cases, may rely on those funded in ecosystems.

Cascina Raffaella has recently obtained the SQNPI certification – National Quality System of Integrated Production that is a voluntary production system which makes the consumer sure that the products are grown with techniques respectful of the environment and the human health. The SQNPI trademark identifies agricultural and agro-industrial products whose production methods comply with the technical standard of integrated production.”

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