Box Intrepido 6 kg

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With a pearly color and a long shape Carnaroli Classico grains keep cooking very well and remain intact and compact after 16-18 minutes.Rich in starch,  this rice variety absorbs broth, sauces and other liquids for a perfect creaming.
Carnaroli Intrepido is an excellent base to enhance the taste of any ingredient: from porcini mushrooms to prawns, from pumpkin cream to radicchio or any sort of cheese.

The Baldo Classico rice is a superfine which, thanks to its versatility, is becoming increasingly popular on Italian tables. Its grain keeps cooking well and does not become floury but, on the contrary, it remains compact and tasty.
Baldo Intrepido absorbs seasonings very well and gives life to creamy and well blended risottos. It is also suitable for pies, flan and cold salads.